Premier Care Community ACO Public Reporting 2017

ACO Name and Location:

Premier Care Community ACO
2340 Trinity Mills Road
Suite 250
Carrollton, TX 75006

ACO Primary Contact:

Michael Camacho, Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 817-965-8030

Organizational Information:

ACO Participants

  • A Lowry & Plano Medical Associates
  • AIM Center for Health and Wellness
  • Allen Primary Care, P.A.
  • Alpha Physicians of Texas P.A.
  • Altus Premier Health Care Clinic PLLC
  • Always Best Care Medical Ctr
  • Amyn Malik
  • Andrea V. Brown, M.D., P.A.
  • Anna Burson INC
  • Associates of Internal Medicine, PA
  • Austin I Ogwu, Md Pa.
  • Best Way Medical Center PLLC
  • Chijioke D. Ukoha Md Pa.
  • Chris L. Sturch, M.D., INC.
  • Cp Middleton, Md Pa.
  • Dallas Medical, PLLC
  • Family Care Medical Center
  • Fort Worth Internal Medicine, P.A
  • George M Hewell, MD
  • Gnanasumathi R. Naini, M.D. P.A.
  • Heriberto Salinas, M.D. P.A.
  • Ikechukwu Osuji, M.D Pa
  • Jeffrey A. George, M.D
  • Jitendra N Bhatt, MD, PA
  • Muhammad Naveed Siddiqi, MD PA
  • Nadia Malik, M.D.
  • Oak Cliff Family Healthcare
  • Obiora M Ekweani Md Pa
  • Patrona Hospitalists PA
  • Primecare Family Clinic LLC
  • Rachel Sim Md Pa.
  • Rajashri Patil
  • Rani Anbarasu MD PA
  • Richardson Primary Care Clinic LLC
  • Scott Wood MD PA
  • Shabnam Qasim MDPA
  • Shannon Deshazo
  • Sohail Parekh Internal Medicine & Geriatric Care PA
  • Timothy J. Brinkman, MD
  • Virendra K. Agarwal MDPA
  • Wise County Medical & Surgical Association

ACO participants in joint ventures between ACO professionals and hospitals

No participants are involved in a joint venture between ACO professionals and hospitals

ACO governing body

  • Howard Anderson, Jr., MD, Voting member
  • Guillermo Fuentes, DO, Voting member
  • Hooman Sedighi, MD, Voting member
  • Jeffrey George, MD, Voting member
  • Jitendra Bhatt, MD, Voting member
  • Mohammad Amir, MD, Voting member
  • Jeff Alling, MD, Voting member
  • Robert Ryan, Medicare Beneficiary, Voting member

Key ACO clinical and administrative leadership

  • R. Haris Naseem, MD, President and Chief Officer, Premier Management Company
  • Anwar Kazi, Chief Executive Officer, Premier Management Company
  • Michael Camacho, Chief Operations Officer, Premier Management Company
  • Mohammad Sohail, Chief Information Officer, Premier Management Company
  • Carol Nguyen,RN, Chief Nursing Officer, Premier Management Company
  • Zameer Sachedina, Chief Administrative & Financial Officer, Premier Management Company
  • Mark Ginnings, MD, Chief Quality Officer
  • Tony Fox, Compliance Official, Premier Management Company
  • Robert Gibson, Director of Operations, Premier Management Company
  • Karyssa Walsh, Director of Program Management, Premier Management Company

Associated committees and committee leadership

Regional board members serve as the region’s committee for quality, utilization, engagement, finance and compliance.

  • Howard Anderson, Jr., MD
  • Guillermo Fuentes, DO
  • Hooman Sedighi, MD
  • Jeffrey George, MD
  • Jitendra Bhatt, MD
  • Mohammad Amir, MD
  • Jeff Alling, MD

Types of ACO participants, or combinations of participants, that formed the ACO

Network of individual practices of ACO professionals

Shared Savings and Losses:

Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

Agreement period beginning 2017, Performance Year 1: TBD
Shared losses are designated with a minus sign (-) in front of the dollar amount and red font.

Shared Savings Distribution

Agreement period beginning 2017, Performance Year 1

  • Proportion invested in infrastructure: 50%
  • Proportion invested in redesigned care processes/resources: 0%
  • Proportion of distribution to ACO participants: 50%

Payment Rule Waivers

No, our ACO does not use the SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver.

Quality Performance Results

To be completed after the conclusion of the performance year.